Opportunities report

In the fast-paced, dynamic markets in which the DEUTZ Group operates, there are, in addition to the aforementioned risk factors that can negatively impact on the attainment of the business objectives, also opportunities that can have a positive effect on the business objectives of the Group for 2015. Identifying and harnessing these opportunities is the responsibility of the individual operating segments of the Group. Unlike risks, opportunities are not collated and assessed centrally.

Unless otherwise stated, the opportunities described below refer to 2015 and relate to the DCE and DCS segments.

Economic situation in relevant markets

Developments in the global economy have a major effect on the financial position and financial performance of the DEUTZ Group. If our expectations regarding the macroeconomic situation in our most important markets of Europe, the USA and Asia are exceeded, this can lead to us performing better than we predicted.

Research and development

Increasingly stringent emissions standards and general technological progress are placing huge demands on our entire industry. We are one of the innovation leaders and have a very strong competitive position thanks to our proven expertise, our many years of experience and our efficient processes in the research and development of diesel engines and other drive systems. This competitive advantage can have a positive impact on our financial targets, for example through an increase in our market share.

Optimisation of the sales organisation

The realignment of the sales organisation towards customer segments is aimed at improving focus and sales performance. This should also lead to an improvement in how market and sales activities are coordinated internationally.