Data Protection Notification

We, DEUTZ AG, consider the protection of your personal electronic data as a priority and abide strictly by the rules of the German Data Protection Act. Electronic data will be collected by this website only to the extent as technically required. In no case will electronic data be sold or disclosed to third parties for any reason.

This notification provides an overview about how we safeguard this protection and which kind of data will be collected for which purpose.

Data Processing on DEUTZ AG's Websites

DEUTZ AG automatically retrieves and saves, in our server log files, information which your browser transfers to us and also retrieves and saves such information which is generated in respect of the DEUTZ AG site (URL) that you enter. This information consists of:

  •   Title, language and ID of the visited DEUTZ AG site
  •   URL of the visited DEUTZ AG site
  •   Date and time of visit
  •   User's browser type
  •   User's IP address
  •   The referer of the visited DEUTZ site (this is the site which provided the link to DEUTZ AG)

DEUTZ AG will not attribute these data to individuals. There will not be any comparison of these data with other data from other sources.


DEUTZ AG's websites use so-called cookies. They are designed to make our sites safer and more effective and user-friendly. Cookies are small text files which will be transferred to your computer and which will be saved by your browser. By way of the cookie, the DEUTZ server will be able to detect a renewed visit of a previous user. The cookie used by DEUTZ AG contains a 32-digit random ID and no personal data.

Right to Information

Upon your notification to us of your exact time of visit of any of the DEUTZ AG websites, also stating the IP address allocated to your computer at that time, you will be informed about the data which were saved during your visit to any of the DEUTZ AG sites. Please contact DEUTZ AG's web administrator Mr Wesolowski in case of queries related to the data which were saved in our server log files in respect of your visits and about information contained in any e-mails which will be sent to the aforesaid DEUTZ AG e-mail address.

Further Information

We value your trust. Therefore, we would like to respond to any of your queries in respect of processing of your electronic data. If questions remain which could not be answered by this Electronic Data Protection Notification or if you desire more in-depth information, please do not hesitate to address our web administrator Mr Wesolowski.