For our customers on the move

Companies throughout the world favour DEUTZ engines for a huge range of applications. As a result, DEUTZ has numerous long-term customer relationships as well as an encouraging level of new customer business.

Photo: Sturdy, durable and dependable DEUTZ-engine
  • DEUTZ enjoys numerous long-term customer relationships
  • The introduction of the new emissions standards gives us the opportunity to expand and diversify our customer base

Sturdy, durable and dependable – these are the distinctive characteristics of our engines. Anyone deciding to buy a DEUTZ engine can be certain that it will cope with whatever the future may hold; longevity is something that we aim to build into every single one of our engines. The development and product planning departments work hand in hand to design engines to meet the individual requirements and needs of each of our customers. The product planners consolidate the market’s requirements for the main applications, both today’s requirements and those expected in the future, while the developers produce the appropriate technical concepts.

“We value, in particular, the compact engine design, the purpose-built ###NOGLOSSARY###exhaust aftertreatment###NOGLOSSARY### system and the engines’ extremely low fuel consumption – in conjunction with their long service life and great reliability.”

Amicarle Merlo, Merlo S.p.A., Italien

Photo: Fork lifter

Our engines are tailored to the individual needs of our customers in various application segments, thus fulfilling our commitment to performance and quality over a broad range of applications. We occupy, for example, a strong position in the Mobile Machinery segment; this mainly relates to construction equipment and material handling vehicles but also includes airport ground support equipment and machinery used in mines. DEUTZ also focuses strongly on agricultural machinery, predominantly on tractors. We are, in addition, active in the Stationary Equipment market – generators, compressors and pumps – and in the market for niche applications. The focus of our automotive business, trucks and buses in particular, is increasingly shifting towards Asia.

Photo: Water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine

“The feature of the water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine which particularly impressed us was its excellent cold-start ability even in extreme conditions.”

Kang Young Sun, Leiter F&E, Tong Yang Moolsan Co., Ltd., South Korea

Photo: Tractor in the field

Installing our engines and equipment in our customers’ equipment is becoming increasingly more complex, just like the engines and machines themselves. However, our experience of providing installation advice over many years has given us the necessary know-how. The essential requirement is very close and detailed collaboration with our customers and this forms the basis for long-term customer relationships. We are also delighted that our latest generation of engines has gained us numerous new customers in all parts of the world by convincing them of the benefits of these products.

“The very compact design of these engines and the customer-oriented, modular system of optional add-on parts has lowered installation costs.”

Valerio Morra, President of ARGO Tractors, Italy

For this reason, the DEUTZ service division maintains a stock of spare parts for decades after the discontinuation of series production. And if, after many operating hours in certain applications, the engine at last reaches the end of its service life, DEUTZ’s ‘Xchange’ engine concept gives the equipment what amounts to a second life.

DEUTZ – the engine company. We are happy to keep on the move for our customers.

Photo: Ringlokschuppen

“We have been working together with DEUTZ for many years now, and it’s a relationship that we greatly value. The combination of engine technology and local support that DEUTZ gives us in China is like nothing else on the market.”

Ma Yunkun, Chairman and Corporate Representative of China Railway Large Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd., People’s Republic of China

Photo: Excavator

“We have maintained a close and stable working relationship with DEUTZ for many years. Our customers benefit in particular from the excellent quality, reliability and efficiency of DEUTZ engines.”«

Helmut Lorch, Managing Director of Atlas Weyhausen GmbH, Germany