Comprehensive transparency and active investor relations

The transparent presentation of developments and decisions in a company forms the core of any model system of corporate governance. Continuous, open dialogue with all stakeholders ensures trust in a company and its value creation process. DEUTZ therefore attaches the greatest importance to ensuring that all relevant target groups are given the same information at the same time and in a timely manner.

We achieve this objective by using various media. DEUTZ AG reports on the performance and development of its business and on significant changes and events four times a year, in its interim reports and the annual report. Interim reports are published within 45 days of the end of a reporting period; the annual report is published within 90 days of the end of the financial year. The Company maintains constant contact with investors and analysts through its regular investor relations activities. In addition to the annual analysts’ meeting held when the Company’s consolidated annual financial statements are published, conference calls for analysts and institutional investors take place with the publication of interim reports. The Annual General Meeting is usually held in the first five months of the year; shareholders who do not attend the AGM in person can instruct proxies to vote on their behalf.

Our website also offers comprehensive information on the Company: DEUTZ AG annual and interim reports, press releases and ad hoc announcements, analyst recommendations and investor relations presentations as well as key dates in the financial calendar can all be found at The Company’s Statutes are also available online. Almost all the pages on our website are provided in both German and English to ensure that important company news and information is as accessible as possible, including to an international audience. Apart from the regularly published information, DEUTZ AG also provides details of circumstances that are not in the public domain but that could have a significant impact on DEUTZ’s share price were they to become known. The Company’s reporting policy therefore complies both with legal requirements and DCGK guidelines.

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