Disclosures relevant to corporate management practices: compliance management system, environmental and quality management, energy management

DEUTZ AG has a compliance management system that is firmly enshrined in the Company’s organisational structure. The system is continually enhanced in order to meet changing requirements.

The overriding objective of the compliance management system is to prevent breaches of legislation and other applicable rules anywhere in the Company. It therefore also helps employees to familiarise themselves with the applicable laws and regulations and learn how to apply them correctly. This is supported by a code of conduct, special guidelines, including a zero-tolerance policy, and regular training.

A Compliance Officer appointed by the Board of Management coordinates compliance activities at DEUTZ AG. The individual business units and subsidiaries have their own compliance coordinators, who are responsible for compliance in their organisations and report regularly to the Compliance Officer.

Regular meetings are held to develop, discuss and coordinate compliance initiatives. These activities focus on preventing corruption, tackling money laundering and complying with export regulations (including export controls). They also ensure safety in the workplace, IT & data security, corporate security and product safety. A further aim is to prevent breaches of environmental, antitrust and insider trading laws.

As and when needed, the Board of Management and the Compliance Officer take legal advice on establishing and continuously improving the compliance management system. The internal audit department reviews the activities, and the Audit Committee monitors them on behalf of the Supervisory Board.

Compliance activities during the year under review again centred on the continuation and stepping up of regular staff training (including for staff at affiliated companies abroad), focusing on the code of conduct, money laundering, gifts, commission, export controls and competition law. The organisational guidelines on staff recruitment requests and approvals, capital-expenditure requests and approvals, business trips and entertainment were also revised.

Another essential element of corporate management at DEUTZ AG is rigorous environmental, quality and energy management.

In 2014, DEUTZ AG once more met the ISO 9001 criteria for quality management, the ISO 14001 criteria for environmental management and the ISO 50001 criteria for energy management. Its certificates were renewed by Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd and can be found on the DEUTZ website.

All standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., Berlin (DIN) can be inspected free of charge at DIN standards repositories.

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