Strategic risk

Our business strategy is focused on expanding our customer and product base and on further globalisation and internationalisation. This strategy presents the DEUTZ Group with numerous opportunities but is, of course, also associated with risks. For example, our expectations for the Asian market, which we see as critical to the attainment of our strategic goals, may not be fully realised (or may not be realised in the time we anticipated) as a result of political intervention in the markets or periods of general economic weakness.

We attempt to mitigate these risks by precisely analysing trends in our markets and by taking into account external market research. We also enter into close alliances with our major customers in the target markets. Finally, we closely monitor our strategic projects so that we are able to respond immediately to changes.

In view of the measures in place, we categorise the strategic risks with regard to the attainment of our financial targets in the coming year as ‘moderate’.

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