Remuneration of the supervisory board

The remuneration paid to the Supervisory Board is specified in paragraph 15 of the Company’s Statutes. This stipulates that the members of the Supervisory Board of DEUTZ AG receive a fixed annual remuneration of €22,500. They also receive a fee of €2,500 for each Supervisory Board meeting they attend and are reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses. The chairman of the Supervisory Board receives double these amounts, and his deputy one-and-a-half times.

In addition, each member of a Supervisory Board committee receives an attendance fee of €2,500 for each committee meeting attended. The chairman of a committee is entitled to twice this sum, his deputy to one-and-a-half times the amount.

In addition, DEUTZ reimburses the members of the Supervisory Board for any VAT they incur in connection with the performance of their mandate.

The following table shows the breakdown of total remuneration paid to members of the Supervisory Board for their work as Supervisory Board members:

  Fixed remuneration Attendance
Lars-Göran Moberg Chairman 45,000 65,000 110,000
Werner Scherer Deputy Chairman 33,750 45,000 78,750
Sabine Beutert 22,500 25,000 47,500
Göran Gummeson 22,500 12,500 35,000
Hans-Georg Härter 22,500 20,000 42,500
Michael Haupt 22,500 52,500 75,000
Herbert Kaufmann (since 7 January 2014) 22,130 12,500 34,630
Dietmar Paust 22,500 12,500 35,000
Eva Persson 22,500 12,500 35,000
Dr Witich Roßmann 22,500 12,500 35,000
Dr Herbert Vossel 22,500 12,500 35,000
Egbert Zieher 22,500 12,500 35,000
Total 303,380 295,000 598,380
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