Energy management system

Our energy management system at the Cologne-Deutz site was successfully certified back in November 2013. In April 2014, as part of the annual quality and environmental audit, the certification body DNV GL once again accredited the system without any nonconformities. As planned, the ISO-50001 certificate was then extended to all German sites.

The energy monitoring scheme was also expanded in 2014. The installation of additional energy meters and the centralised recording of the energy data provided by these gives the Company a transparent overview of energy flows. This information can then be analysed to find ways to deliver further efficiency gains or to monitor the performance of completed projects. The initiatives implemented in previous years remain effective. Additional potential was leveraged in 2014 through the implementation of various technological and organisational measures. The resulting annual cost savings amount to 750 MWh of electricity and 515 MWh of heat.

However, the potential for further savings is far from exhausted: additional efficiency measures and the final phase in the expansion of the monitoring system are already being planned for 2015.

DEUTZ Group: Energy consumption in European plants1)    
  2014 2013
Electricity 90,611 93,714
Natural gas 33,616 43,681
District heating 22,596 27,270
Heating oil 3,456 4,501
Diesel fuel2) 32,313 33,062
1) Deutz, Kalk, Porz, Herschbach, Ulm, Übersee, Zafra (SP).
2) At 9.85 kWh/litre (mean).
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