Business performance in the DEUTZ Compact Engines (DCE) segment

New orders down on 2013

In 2014, the Compact Engines (DCE) segment received new orders worth €1,115.0 million, 19.5 per cent down on 2013 when orders worth €1,385.5 million were received. As was the case for the Group as a whole, the Mobile Machinery and Stationary Equipment application segments increased their volumes of new orders, by 10.8 per cent and 7.5 per cent respectively. On the other hand, new orders received by the Automotive and Agricultural Equipment application segments were sharply down by 69.1 per cent and 59.9 per cent respectively. Orders on hand at the end of the year stood at €141.5 million, virtually half the figure for the end of 2013.

More engines sold

A total of 183,125 engines were sold in the DCE segment in 2014, 9.0 per cent more than the 167,964 engines sold in 2013. In the EMEA region, our largest market, the number of engines sold climbed to 137,416 units, an increase of 5.7 per cent. Unit sales were also up in the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions (by 18.7 per cent and 28.5 per cent respectively). The main factor in the uptrend was the successful performance of the Mobile Machinery application segment, where unit sales were up by 43.5 per cent. In contrast, all the other application segments suffered a drop in unit sales.

Revenue also up

At €1,279.9 million, revenue in the DCE segment was up by 7.7 per cent year on year (2013: €1,188.8 million). The biggest increase in revenue (42.9 per cent) was in the Americas region – driven by an encouraging expansion in business with our customers and strong economic growth. The Asia-Pacific region also reported significant revenue growth of 18.7 per cent, but revenue generated in the EMEA region was only up by 2.0 per cent. The performance of the Mobile Machinery application segment was encouraging, with a 54.0 per cent rise in revenue. The revenue attributable to the Stationary Equipment application segment rose by 8.6 per cent, service business revenue remained flat but Agricultural Machinery generated 21.4 per cent less revenue. Automotive reported a 70.2 per cent fall in revenue. Like the Group as a whole, the segment was impacted by the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard in Europe at the beginning of the year, for which DEUTZ does not offer compliant engines.

Fourth quarter down year on year

In the DCE segment, new orders in the fourth quarter of 2014 reached €232.5 million, down by 39.1 per cent on the final quarter of 2013 and by 14.0 per cent on the third quarter of 2014. Unit sales declined by 16.7 per cent year on year to 36,601 engines and were well below the strong previous quarter when 53,589 engines were sold. The revenue of €277.1 million generated in the fourth quarter was 15.4 per cent below that of the same quarter in 2013 and 24.7 per cent down on the strong third quarter of 2014.

DEUTZ Compact Engines: Revenue by application segment

Chart: DEUTZ Compact Engines: Revenue by application segment

Improvement in DCE operating profit

In 2014, we generated operating profit (EBIT before one-off items) of €15.2 million for the segment, outstripping the profit of €8.7 million for 2013 by €6.5 million. The rise is due, in particular, to the increase in the volume of business in the reporting year and to the positive contribution to earnings from the sale of engine licences to an Algerian company. Moreover, the increased earnings of our Chinese joint venture DEUTZ (Dalian) Engine Co., Ltd. also played a part in the rise. There was a negative impact on operating profit for the segment from the aforementioned addition to provisions for warranty costs.

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